Design and consultancy for Prasarana LAN IT Corporate Network

  • Detail Design and Technical Consultancy for the Prasarana LAN IT Network 
  • Detail Design for LAN and WiFi network for Prasarana internal corporate network to allow user to be able to access to internal IT services
  •  Prepare and recommend all necessary parameters for deployment purpose

Design, Testing and Commisioning for Transmission System of KTMB Gemas Johor Bahru

  • Transmission System is the main backbone to transmit all types of data within the KTMB Gemas Johor Bahru line including critical services such as train control and power control
  • Design, Testing and Commissioning of over 30 nodes of SDH Transmission (STM-64) Equipments and over 50 nodes of network equipment including Network Switch, Firewall and etc.

Safe City Network Design for Maljis Bandar Shah Alam

  • Provide safe city implementation guideline to MBSA to implement up to 400 cameras around the Shah Alam area
  • Design the entire network infrastructure, data center as well as the command center to support the safe city implementation
  • Provide technical consultancy to provide design input for the fiber infrastructure

Network Design for MATRADE Network Refresh

  • Provide  network design for Matrade  which involves the migration of the existing network to the new network setup
  • This is inclusive of the design of the new core switch, data center switch, access switch and WiFi Network
  • Design and technical guideline for SDN features implementation in the network